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'Chewbacca mom' gets her own TLC digital shows, because of course

'Chewbacca Mom' Candace Payne is riding her viral fame into the holidays.

Hulu teases intense Season 2 of 'The Path'

Season two of Hulu's The Path looks even more intense than Season 1.

YouTube wants YouTubers to be less angry about subscriptions

'YouTube doesn’t unsubscribe people from channels.'...

7 things to get excited about in the upcoming 'Doctor Who' episodes

Warning: We've tried to keep this piece as spoiler free as possible, but there are some hints about the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas special below (and some teases for the new 2017 series, based on a Q & A with the cast that took place after the screening).

'Passengers' is a boring mess, unfortunately

'There's a reason we woke up early,' Chris Pratt ominously declares in the Passengers trailer after he and Jennifer Lawrence wake up from their hibernation during a space mission.

Eva Longoria, Andy Cohen added to jury for Tribeca Film Festival's Snapchat competition

Snapchat and the Tribeca Film Festival are joining forces for a second year in a row.

These moving 3-D printed sculptures are actually optical illusions

Is it Groundhog Day? Verizon is once again reconsidering an acquisition of Yahoo, Bloomberg reported Thursday.

'Superstore' launches digital episodes to get you through the holiday hiatus

It's hard to be without your favorite shows over the holiday break, but NBC has you covered — starting today, you can laugh away your winter blues with eight brand new digital episodes of Superstore.

Fux diz que Gilmar Mendes tem “uma forma peculiar de criticar”

'Dependendo do limite onde chegue, eu acho que é natural que haja essa adversidade', disse ministro...

'Fallout' characters and locations are coming to 'Minecraft'

War. War never changes. Even when it's recreated in the blocky domain of Minecraft.

'Solace' clip shows confrontation between Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Abbie Cornish

What happens when you mix science, the supernatural, and some good old fashioned sass?

James Franco and Bryan Cranston face off in game of Who Said It?

Bryan Cranston and James Franco, stars of the new movie Why Him?, guess which quotes were said by a man from Florida or by a tech billionaire.